The “Unofficial-Official” start of Autumn

Yeah yeah, I know fall doesn’t “technically” start until September 22nd, but in my opinion, in the little world inside my head, today is the day. Summer is gently pushed aside to make way for the best months of the year. A sense of calm and peace rushed over me as I stepped outside this morning and was greeted by the brisk weather.

The season is a cyclical ride that starts slow in September, peaks in the beginning of October, and fades away in mid to late November. It’s not a sudden slap-in-the-face like winter or summer, where the temperatures swing from one extreme to the next.

September is the start of this fantastic ride. It may very well be 10 degrees warmer today than it was yesterday (although where we are we truly were woken up to a cool morning), but there is a change in the air that sometimes can not be described with words alone. September typically brings the break in weather that I so desperately crave the 4 months prior. Temperatures sway between the 50’s and 70’s. A calm falls over people’s lives and the busyness and chaos seems to slow. People seem more pleasant, more neighborly.

Over the past few years I have started a tradition of inviting family and friends over on Friday evenings around mid-September. “Fridays by the Fire”. Not a very popular event (we don’t have a lot of family and even less friends), but an enjoyable one. No, we don’t have big bonfires but we have a nice fire pit that goes from early evening until the company has to leave. There’s nothing special about it, but it’s special to me. It’s a bonding experience. It’s a few hours a week where we can sit and talk about what’s going on, what’s on our minds, what’s new in our lives. Sometimes we will sit in silence and reflect on our own lives.

It’s a great feeling. Being present with family without having to speak. There’s a connection that is hard to describe.

Last year we didn’t have a lot of participation, this year I’m going to get it going again. If not for them, than for my wife and I. We love it.

For many it’s the start of football season. I’ve never been a big sports fan and I get a lot of crap for it from my family. I do love my Purdue football and basketball teams though, even through all the disappointing years we have had (football). As for other sports and teams, it’s just not my thing.

For me, I get most excited about this being the “unofficial” start of the Holiday season. Halloween is next month (my least favorite, my wife’s favorite) followed quickly by Thanksgiving and Christmas (my favorite). The holidays bring people together. I get along with those I normally can’t be around.

Families come together for tradition, and to reflect on the past, while creating new memories for the future.

The Autumn season is when I do my most self reflection. It allows me to stop and appreciate everything I have in my life. The little things that make up the big picture.

It’s also my busiest time of year.

This year I am back in school working towards becoming a CPA. I’m taking 3 courses this semester which keeps me away from my family in the evenings a few hours 4 nights a week. Keep in mind, I work full time as well, so there are some days when I leave at 6:00 in the morning and return home around 7:30 at night.

I also do photography, and we all know that the world becomes a painted landscape around early to mid October when the rich colors spill forth and embrace us with its’ beauty.

Because of this, everyone wants their family pictures done, us especially. So most weekends when I’m not doing homework you can find me behind a lens or editing pictures. It’s a love that I am slowly letting go (and passing on to my dad, who to be honest is quickly starting to pass me up).

My wife also works full time, and helps her mom out with a side business.

How do we manage all of this? I’m not sure. But I think it may have to do with the fact that every once in awhile we stop and enjoy what’s around us, and to look back to see how far we’ve come, and to know that all of this hard work and dedication, and sacrifices, will someday *SOON! – relatively speaking in the next few years* be worth it. Like I said, we have big plans, and the only way to reach those goals is to put in the work now.

Autumn also brings me back to appreciating our little infinity. The three joys of our lives that are the reason we do everything we do.

To me, it is also officially apple season, which means we are ready to bake! In fact, we actually just started this last Saturday for Bud’s 4th birthday. A, Bud and I made a from scratch apple pie and invited my dad over to spend the day with us.

It was a great pie. I may end up doing a blog this weekend about our experience, share the recipe, and offer tips for when we make it again in the future.

Also this weekend you will be hearing from A. She is prepping her first blog post as we speak. Red and Diva are also on track to do at least one post a month. I have journals ordered for them to write down their ideas, memories, and any other things they may want to share with the world.

I hope everyone has the opportunity to step outside today, sit under a tree, and enjoy the unofficial-official first day of Autumn!


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