Ineffable, but I will try anyways…

I have a love of words. They create, destroy, comfort and inspire. They are meaningless, yet they are everything.

Words are just a random assortment of letters. It is up to us to give them meaning, and when done effectively they can become powerful tools.

So I have to be honest for a minute. I’m what you would call a hypocrite (another beautiful word I might add). People will ask me to proofread emails, papers, proposals, texts, etc., but I rarely ever do the same to my own items. I have this problem where thoughts and ideas run through my mind so quickly that I struggle to keep up when it comes time to write them down.

But I have a love for words and the feelings they conjure, good or bad.

I was accepted into Purdue for journalism, thanks in part to my English teacher who saw something in me no one else did, about a decade ago. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes but ultimately it wasn’t my dream. If I was going to write it would be for myself, not someone else dictating the content.

So I went another route, but I’ve always had a yearning for words. When reading a good book they would just jump from the pages.

I try to teach my kids to use their words. I vividly remember telling Red when she was just learning to talk to enunciate. “Use your words.” They are your most powerful tools.

And I teach them to love words by encouraging reading. And to push their reading beyond their levels.

“But they won’t understand them.” Oh, but they will. And if not, then they will learn new things along the way.

In fact, my family has a love of reading. Our bookshelves continue to grow. While thinking of our future home we plan it around our dream home library.

Books are an escape to us. They are created by true artists who have mastered the use of words. I love when an author can create such vivid imagery that you are instantly transported to a world that would never be possible on your own. A legendary example of this would be J.R.R. Tolkien who would whisk you away to a land that you truly felt a part of by using such picturesque details.

The stories and characters would leap from the pages.

This is what a good book is. Allowing you to leave the reality and step into fantasy.

I love books, but not like my wife. She could go through several books a day if she had the chance. And she will read them over and over again, finding new things to love about her favorite stories each time.

And all of our favorite books are by people who manipulate words to bring dreams to reality.

Words are powerful, and in this post I am only focusing on the good. Obviously they can be used as weapons as well, but at the same time we can use words as a defense.

I think we all have a love for this topic deep down. Why else would we have a blog in the first place? While we may not always have the RIGHT words to say, or know how to put them together in a meaningful way, they are always there.

What are some of your favorite words, books or stories?


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