Family Life

I’ve strayed a little bit from the original intentions of this blog. I’m going to get back on track a bit this week and talk about our family life over the last two months.


Bud has officially started preschool as of last week and he took to it right away. Day 1 – lots of tears and crying and not wanting to be left. Day 2 – some tears, but he goes to his teacher fairly quickly. Day 3 – no tears at all. Hangs his bag up and walks right into his class. Ugh, where did our baby go?! For anyone who knows Bud, you realize how much of a milestone this is for him. He does not take to people very well at all. He is incredibly shy and apprehensive. But after only three days he goes right to his teacher. Huge step for him.

Outside of school he’s making progress in some areas, and taking steps back in others.

I think it’s safe to say that he is officially 95% potty-trained. He just finally wanted it to happen, so it did. The potty chair has gone in the trash as he no longer wants it. He’s a big boy now and will stand up or use the “big potty” when needed. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m glad we are finally there. Phew!

He has been having a lot of problems with the sun again, to the point of asking to cover his face with blankets while in the car. Poor kid has his good days and his bad days when it comes to his sensory needs.

Also, he is getting back into having a pretty nasty attitude again. What he wants, when he wants it, or else everyone else is going to pay. But we aren’t playing those games as much any longer. Patience and tuning him out when he’s just being a brat over his sensory meltdowns.

On the bright side, he has been wanting to help out a lot more around the house with cooking and cleaning, just as long as it isn’t his own mess. He likes to “fold” laundry and “wash” the dishes. And he has been eager to help with learning to cook.

Red is doing great as usual. She decided she wants to continue with cheerleading next year so she can try out for the middle school team the following year. She has a knack for it, and it comes pretty easy for her. I just wish we were able to put her in gymnastics when she was younger, as now she gets scared about tumbling and anything outside of her comfort zone.

She is also loving being on the Lego Robotics team at school. She really seems to have a passion for programming and coding and is asking for robotics and such for Christmas. She said she wants to be an engineer and go to Purdue.  Kid knows how to speak straight to my heart. I absolutely love the fact that she does not fall into any stereotype. She is definitely her own person. A girly-girl with the cheerleading, a lover of learning with the books, robotics, coding, programming and video games. And she could care less what you have to say about it. She is doing what she loves to do.


Diva is living up to her name. She’s been pretty frustrating lately as she seems to think that anytime someone else gets something, even if it’s a necessity, she is entitled to something as well. And it doesn’t matter if she just got something the week before, if we go out somewhere she wants something new. It doesn’t happen. And she gets a terrible attitude or starts to cry. Wherever we are. Still doesn’t happen.

But she’s been getting better about some things. For instance, she makes more of an effort now to clean and keep her room clean. Granted, there may or may not have been an incident involving a mouse being in her bed that may or may not have traumatized her for life, but it’s bringing her around regardless. Whatever it takes I suppose.

I really wish she would start working on listening and doing things the first time she’s told. Not the 15th time. Ugh.

So because of our chaotic schedules lately we haven’t been cooking or baking near as much as we would have liked. Still working on it though. Sunday evening we had our first attempt at homemade macaroni and cheese and chicken strips. The kids loved being able to pound out the chicken and bread them. Macaroni was a semi-success. Flavor was good, but it came out gritty. Next time we will grate our own cheese and add it in slower so it has more chance to melt. The chicken on the other hand turned out great. Will definitely be adding that to our menu.

Tonight we are making homemade chocolate chunk cookies. Last week we bought cookies from the store for the first time in months, and they were disappointing. Good. Keeps us on track for all homemade items.

Our spice pantry is almost full, which is crazy considering only a few months ago we just had salt and pepper in there (and a few others like garlic powder). Herbs and spices are becoming a normal everyday thing for us. I absolutely love it. Really wish we would have started this cooking thing earlier though so I could have planned for a larger pantry area when we just redid our kitchen earlier this year.

This week’s menu items (as we always plan our meals for the week):


Sunday – Macaroni and Chicken Strips

Monday – Apple Cinnamon Pork Chops

Tuesday – Hamburgers with Egg

Wednesday – Chicken and Rice

Thursday – ?

Friday – Lasagna Soup

October 1st we took the kids to the Pumpkin Patch for the day after the girl’s cheerleading game. It was an absolute blast. The weather ended up being perfect (despite starting the day with rain). The kids were so well behaved that we pretty much let them do anything. A picked out her mums for the front porch, and we all picked out our pumpkins for the year. It’s a rare treat to have all the kids being so good, without any bickering, fighting, whining, or what not. Diva cried when it was time to leave, but that’s just her.

A and I had a date night this Saturday (thanks to my dad for watching the kids for us!). First time in months. Actually, to be honest I don’t remember the last date we had. Plan was a movie and dinner. However, I was sick most of the weekend with a nasty bug that kept me out of it, so we ended up just seeing a movie instead. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. My genre of books, right up my alley. I will be picking it up to read soon.


Other than that life has been pretty normal around here. School, work, home life. The usual day-to-day schedules. The girls have their last cheerleading game next week and I have my final photography session this weekend. After that, it’s time to start focusing on the holidays!


Oh yeah! Our family pictures are this weekend! We didn’t get a chance to do a family session last year (just the kids) so I’m really looking forward to it. We decided to invite our families along as well for updated pictures. Figured we are already going to be there, so why not? So Thursday I finally have an appointment to get a hair cut and beard trim, which I am beyond excited about. Growing a beard takes a lot of patience, which is hard for me!

Last thing! We will be attending church together this weekend for the first time in .. forever since we’ve been a family. As A put it, we need something bigger than ourselves to believe in. It will be good for all of us. Same place the Bud is attending preschool. I believe my mom is coming with us as well, which will be nice. And small world, it is the same church that my boss has attended for a long time. Crazy how life works sometimes.


Random blog today. Hope you all were able to make it all the way through!


P.S. I think in my next blog I will invite you all into my photography world, even though I’m now exiting it, it has been a big part of our lives.

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