Family holidays

Thanksgiving has officially passed and Christmas is just around the corner. As the year is coming to a close I have asked my family to come together and reflect on their blessings for 2016. It’s an opportunity to look back on the year and see how we have gotten to the point we are at today. The bad times are learning opportunities. The good times are blessings.

So my year in review starts off great. After over 7 years of living in our house we officially made it our home and purchased it. We have been making improvements for the past 7 years, making changes here and there to the point that nothing in the house has evaded our hands or a hammer, except for the bathtub which is in fact on the list for demo next year. As you sit in any room of the house and look around it’s no longer the same place that my grandparents called home just 10 short years ago. But at the same time, I know they would be proud of everything we have done to it to make it our own. I know they are looking down and watching over us and smiling at what we’ve built.

My wife has been blessed with a great job where she can now have the flexibility to take care of our children while still working. I am grateful for those who saw the potential in her and gave her the opportunities she’s been given. Having two full time incomes, on the same work schedule, with no nights or weekends, has made a world of difference in our family dynamic. It’s amazing to know we will both be home in the evenings and be able to eat dinner together.

This was the year of decade milestones. Red, my princess, turned 10 this year which means I have officially been a dad for 10 years, and I am all the better for it. My wife and I have also officially been together for 10 years and in this year we have rediscovered our love for each other. Not that we ever stopped loving one another, but we have been reminded of why we are so perfect together as one.

2016 was the year that our family found our faith. Or rather, we finally stopped and listened to what God had in store for us, instead of trying to pave our own paths.

This was also the year that I had my big “wake up!” moment. I held on to so much pain, anger, resentment and fear that it was starting eat me alive from the inside. I was quickly becoming an angry, bitter person to those closest to me. It may have taken me potentially trying to harm a loved one, but I realized something inside was broken. So I cleared my heart, forgave, and moved on with my life. Granted, there have been instances that have tested me, my faith, and my new clear heart, but ultimately in the end the “new me” persevered and didn’t let these deter me from the path I was on.

So with that, I end my reflections on 2016’s blessings with a prayer I found that is especially true for this day.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Love brought Jesus to the earth, and love brings us to this Christmas table.

Today as we share this holiday feast, may we also share with one another a joyful heart and a warm smile.

May our Christmas dinner be filled with kindness. And may the memories of today warm our hearts for years to come.


Merry Christmas and God Bless each and every one of you and your families.


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