About Our Family of Five

Our oldest, “M” is an old soul compared to the rest of our children. She has a personality unlike any you will ever find, and we absolutely love her for it. We will call her “Red” to match her fiery personality, and her hair. While she DOES care what people think of her deep down, she really doesn’t. She is a lover of things that many kids would find unusual. She is incredibly creative and loves to draw and color. You can usually find her with her nose in a book, drawing in her notepads, or watching TV. She is a protector and will not allow any harm to come to her siblings. She’s the only one allowed to bully them. She is extremely intelligent and you can typically have conversations with her that you would with an adult. She is way beyond her years, and very much a dreamer.

Our middle child, our youngest girl, “S” is a stereotypical girly-girl. For now she will go by “Diva”. Her favorite color is pink, she would wear dresses every day if she were allowed, and she very much cares about what people think. She is also our most emotional child. The smallest things will set her off, even if they were done or said with the best of intentions. She is 8 years old and still loves her baby dolls. She is our little cuddle bug and always seems to know when we need a hug or an “I love you”. She also has a pretty big attitude. She doesn’t like to do things in other people’s time and this gets her in trouble. A lot. She is also extremely shy. Typically if you are just meeting her you will find her hiding behind us.

Our youngest child, “B” is our challenging child. For the time being we will call him “Bud”, our nickname for him, short for Buddy of course. He is very shy in public, but knows he runs the household. Things don’t typically happen without his approval. Just being honest. Why? Because he is the baby, the only grandson. He has everyone wrapped around his finger with his big, contagious smile. With that also comes a serious temper. Not a violent temper, just brief moments of the-world-is-ending chaos. He does not like the word no, and sometimes it is way easier to just give in. But he also is incredibly lovable. He loves big squeeze hugs, crawling in bed in the mornings to cuddle (and a lot of times at night to kick us off the bed), and just sitting on your lap watching a movie.

My wife is the glue that holds this family together. While I do most of the planning, she is the one working behind the scenes to make sure everything is running smoothly and keeping them on schedule. Speaking of schedules, she is the one who makes all the appointments and everything for our kids and is usually the one to take them. She keeps the chaos to a minimum, and I assure you there is a lot of chaos. She always puts everyone else before herself and a lot of times will be throwing stuff on at the last minute to head out the door after everyone else is ready to go. She has a lot of little ticks that drive me crazy, but I love her through all of them. Diva gets her emotions from her mom for sure. She loves to read, listen to music, and spend any free time she has with the kids and I. She always knows how to make a bad good and always has the right words to say. Granted, she also knows how push buttons, she doesn’t do it often. She shall go by “A”.

And then there is me. If you were to compare me to any of our children I would be most similar to Red. I am an old soul. Many people would call me an overachiever. I over analyze everything. I am the biggest planner. In fact, spontaneity throws me off. I have a 10 year financial budget that I update almost every day. I love to read, listen to music (although I have pretty unusual tastes in music), watch movies with my kids, and learn. I am a big dreamer as well. Always looking forward, not always being present. Which is one of the big reasons for this blog. I’m not a big people person, a major introvert. If I could avoid people all day (except my family) I probably would. I love video games, photography, and fine art. I’m a self-proclaimed nerd. I can be hard to like, but I have an incredibly giving heart. But at the same time I speak my mind freely, often times to the point where people are cautious to ask me my opinion. You can call me “K”.