It’s Not About “Happiness”

I'm come to realize that I have been self-sabotaging my life for years now. I've been a person who dreams big and never feels satisfaction in the victories. And I've struggled with understanding why that is. And after coming out of this last season of depression I think I've finally realized what it is. I've … Continue reading It’s Not About “Happiness”

I Failed You

*Current song to listen to while you read this... Toby Mac - 21 Years* Today marks 3 months since you left us. While I know you are in a much better place and are no longer in so much pain it doesn’t make it any easier. Especially around this time of year. I was supposed … Continue reading I Failed You

Just Listen (Part 2)

I am a broken person. I know this, and it is something that I don’t shy away from admitting. The problem, however, is taking that conversation any further than an oversimplified statement to avoid talking about my feelings. I struggle with vocalizing my thoughts into words, so instead I decided to write them out. This … Continue reading Just Listen (Part 2)

Self Realization And Fighting Back

Today will be a short post, but one that I need to document so I have it to come back to when/if these feelings return. I recently had some much needed conversations with a few pretty great people in my life. And in opening up about things that I didn’t know I was still keeping … Continue reading Self Realization And Fighting Back

Addressing The Past To Cleanse My Heart And Bring Myself Closer To Jesus (Part Two)

I’ve got to be honest with you... after I shared my first post in this series last week I immediately had doubts. Fear of judgement overcame me pretty quickly. Why share these parts of my past that no longer reflect who I am? This is part of my healing process. This is me learning to … Continue reading Addressing The Past To Cleanse My Heart And Bring Myself Closer To Jesus (Part Two)

Happy Birthday! Now Go Out And Do Good!

Today is officially my birthday and for the first time in a very long time it will be a joyous day. March 4th can no longer be a sad day, even if the world is falling apart around me because I now get to share this day with an incredibly special person! So, happy birthday … Continue reading Happy Birthday! Now Go Out And Do Good!

How the Love of Two People Saved My Life

Little bit of a dramatic way to start a post, right? Hardly, especially once you truly understand how things have completely changed for me over the last 6 months. This post is going to be all about Josh and Stacy. Two of the best, most sincere, beautiful people I have ever had the privilege of … Continue reading How the Love of Two People Saved My Life